Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where To Shop This Week!!

These look great don't they?? They are also for the summer. If you've noticed, most stores have already began, if not already, stocking for fall. Do you know what that mean?? ALL THE SUMMER MERCHANDISE HAS GOT TO GO!! Guys now is a great time to shop EVERYWHERE! Boutiques are charged with the pressure to keep up with their "Big Box" competitors and keep up with the hottest trends and seasons and every year I see it happening sooner and sooner. So this turns up the pressure on turning over merchandise quickly, this is greats news for you because now you have the opportunity to get that sundress you've been eyeing all summer for a lower price! My point: Off-Season shopping is a great way to save at boutiques and still get the quality merchandise you love. 


A great place to take advantage of such savings is Remixx Luxe Lifestyle Emporium. As I learned on the Atlanta Bargain Hunter Blog on Remixx is taking 50% off their merchandise and additional 20% off already reduced merchandise. And here's the best part: THIS SALE LAST TIL THE END OF AUGUST! There are a few exclusions of course, but that's no reason not to check out the boutique. So get there so you can get your pick first. Remixx is located at 1145 Woodstock Road #605 Roswell, GA.

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