Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FRESH Vintage at Poor Little Rich Girl

Taken by Cramel on 12/29/10 Picture taken by me

Hello Boutique Freaks! Hope the holidays were good to you. Now New Years Eve is upon us and I feel like you guys need something different. I think you need something one of a kind. The best way to get something "One of a kind" is to go VINTAGE!! Today I visited Poor Little Rich Girl vintage shop located at 3393 Main Street in College Park, GA. The moment you start driving down Main Street in Historic College Park its like driving through time. The strip of shops look as if they might have been frozen in time from the '60s. What an appropriate area of town for this boutique.

Picture taken by Me

Walking into the shop is like walking into you affluent and fashionable 55 - 65 year old Aunt's fabulous walk-in closet. The set up is awesome. Co-Owner Kenny showed me around the store. I told him I was afraid to even touch some of the clothes but he told me they encourage customers to try on the clothes. Wouldn't that be a fun time for you and your girlfriends? This shop gets an A for decor. The light blue paint on the walls and the hardwood floors give the shop a comfortable, homey feel. The outfits that are displayed on the walls are great and there are even vintage props displayed around the shop like luggage and books. I also give the shop an A for shopping experience. Kenny did a wonderful job showing me around the store, showing me pieces they'd just gotten in, and answering any questions I had. The prices are pretty cool too, I eyed some cute accessories as low as $8 and I really had my eye on some gorgeous blouses than ran $16 and up. There are definately some unique pieces in the shop. I'm sure that patterned jumpsuit or the red beaded and sequin dress displayed in the window would be FAB on someone for New Years Eve. And you wouldn't have to worry about anyone else having your outfit if you shop here. While everyone else poors into the malls to find their New Years outfits, make your way to Poor Little Rich Girl and get Retro Glam! You will LOVE IT! You can also shop online or learn more about the shop at .

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Popping TAGS !!

Hello Boutique Freaks! Today I'll be telling you about my experiences at TAGS, Co-Owned by Real Atlanta Housewife Kandi Buress. Yes I said experiences, I've been about 3 or 4 times. Each time after my first time I brought someone else (that wasn't my sister) back with me.That in itself says alot. Tags offers some really great selections. One other thing I really like about Tags is that there is a great selection of men's clothing and I'm not talking a little corner of the store selection. I'm talking one entire side of the store is dedicated to menswear. Great right?

When you set foot in Tags you will more than likely see Peaches. She's also Co-Owner of Tags Boutique. On the weekends you may even see her daughters (I assume those were her daughters) helping out. On my visits to Tags I've never seen Kandi but that not to say she's never there. I've certainly seen Kandi around other parts of the city (we went to see Precious at Midtown together, she doesn't know that though because I was sitting with my friends and she was sitting with her friends lol) so I'm sure she's frequents the store. I'm not sure if she still does this, but according to an episode of Atlanta Housewives she'd began recording her 'Kandi Koated Nights' web show there.

The Big 'O' Otis Redding Foundation Presents An Evening of Respect

For Shopping experience I give Tags a B+, they offer a great selection at really down to earth prices! Exclusive fashions for great prices, enough said! You can also "Tag" yourself by purchasing a Tags graphic tee. Peaches does a great job with interacting with customers, I even recall one I went in she had refreshments set up for shoppers. For decor, I give it a B, the shop is pretty simple, the are a couple nice furniture pieces and the fitting area is very lounge like. The store does a great job of not letting the store outshine the clothes, but the store still looks great. Am I making any sense? Either way, Tags gets a solid 4 out of 5 pumps. Go check it out online at or in Smyrna, GA at West Villiage Place.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

House of Adrene

Picture from In Her Shoes Blog Website on the Remodel Your Life Article

Okay, so if you don't know this woman you should! This is Ms. Adrene Ashford. Celebrity Stylist and Owner of House of Adrene boutique located in Castleberry Hills in Atlanta. 264 Peter Street Atlanta, GA 30313 to be exact. Why do I bring her to you to do, because I KNOW SHE'S FABULOUS! I've shopped with Adrene since her Pieces of Adrene days in East Atlanta up until she relocated to the Castleberry Hills area and opened Adrene Boutique. She's been around for quite and awhile and knows how to keep her boutique alive and relevant even through the toughest times (Recessions, Burgulary, yep she's been through it) My only regret is that I haven't gotten the chance to visit her latest evolution that is House of Adrene. But I already know its fabolous.

I give her a A for customer service and shopping experience. Not only can you find her in her store on any given day but she and her staff are always willing to help and go above and beyond. Plus, there are some excellent fashion options in the store both popular and emerging designers can be found in her store. So you know I will definately be paying her a visit soon. You can also catch some pretty great events happening in the boutique as well. Go visit her, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I'll definately be back to give you my insight on House of Adrene! But so far she gets a 5 "pump" rating from me! (Get it? pumps? shoes? okay if you don't you will)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Not so DASHing....

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Cramel Edwards. I love fashion and all things beautiful. I'm not rich but like most women I love to shop! I've worked in retail for over six years. I didn't always know I loved fashion but when I fell in love, I FELL HARD! LOL! Enough about me, let get to my first entry. I was visiting family this summer in Miami. And of course I had to visit the one and only DASH Miami! I was so excited! After all, this was the fabulous Kardashian store. Nestled in the mist of the South Beach retail/restaurant strip people flocked in. But Dash.....lets say it seemed for like a tourist stop.

They get a B- for decor, it was a very attractive store decked out with "Kardashian" art, and a lovely black and hot pink color scheme. There were two Dash Dolls visible and for those wondering, yes, the girls working in the store were actual girls from the TV show, no facade there. As far as the shopping experience, I give it a D-, aside from the parade of people that were walking around the store just to "see it", there weren't many clothes AT ALL, not even by boutique standards. And the few pieces that were in there were pretty expensive. I didn't see anything in the store that I felt like any of the Kardashian sister would wear! My sister and I felt bad for just coming in to view the boutique so we decided we'd buy some souvenir water (a bottle of water with the Kardashian sisters faces on it, much like the art that is displayed about my head in the picture) but the young lady told me the water was $10. So we left it there, I mean its not like it was Fiji. I'll give them a little credit, maybe the shop was like that because the series was actually running on TV, but I would think they'd want to try and capture some sales otherwise they're going to have to start charging people to get in the store to make some money. Maybe when the TV series isn't running the boutique is alot better....I don't know. You be the judge.