Monday, December 20, 2010

Not so DASHing....

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Cramel Edwards. I love fashion and all things beautiful. I'm not rich but like most women I love to shop! I've worked in retail for over six years. I didn't always know I loved fashion but when I fell in love, I FELL HARD! LOL! Enough about me, let get to my first entry. I was visiting family this summer in Miami. And of course I had to visit the one and only DASH Miami! I was so excited! After all, this was the fabulous Kardashian store. Nestled in the mist of the South Beach retail/restaurant strip people flocked in. But Dash.....lets say it seemed for like a tourist stop.

They get a B- for decor, it was a very attractive store decked out with "Kardashian" art, and a lovely black and hot pink color scheme. There were two Dash Dolls visible and for those wondering, yes, the girls working in the store were actual girls from the TV show, no facade there. As far as the shopping experience, I give it a D-, aside from the parade of people that were walking around the store just to "see it", there weren't many clothes AT ALL, not even by boutique standards. And the few pieces that were in there were pretty expensive. I didn't see anything in the store that I felt like any of the Kardashian sister would wear! My sister and I felt bad for just coming in to view the boutique so we decided we'd buy some souvenir water (a bottle of water with the Kardashian sisters faces on it, much like the art that is displayed about my head in the picture) but the young lady told me the water was $10. So we left it there, I mean its not like it was Fiji. I'll give them a little credit, maybe the shop was like that because the series was actually running on TV, but I would think they'd want to try and capture some sales otherwise they're going to have to start charging people to get in the store to make some money. Maybe when the TV series isn't running the boutique is alot better....I don't know. You be the judge.



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