Monday, May 11, 2015

Motivation Monday: Be Unique!

Happy Monday everyone! This Monday's motivation came from the monthly newsletter sent out by my job. At the end of every issue is an inspirational quote and I really liked this one. I mean it's hard to argue with Coco Chanel!

Ms. Chanel says be different, to me this means be you. Last time I checked everyone was born as their own unique being. I also really like the quote "Be you, everyone else is taken". You won't stand out in the world mimicking everyone else. Being inspired is great, but at the end of the day make sure you are still true to yourself.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Modern Girl Struggles: Milestone Birthdays

It starts around your 25th birthday, you look around and you start to question everything you've done up to this point and many of us realize we haven't accomplished what we thought we would by this age. Then you start to freak out! You soon return to normal until the next milestone, then it gets worse. I've experienced this myself, even dreaded it, but I learned how to celebrate these miles stones again and appreciate them with these three gems of advice.


I know this may seem a little grim, but it's definitely real. I was speaking with one of my cousins about my birthday and how I was "adjusting", and he simply said, "you know there's another alternative to getting older. That definitely changed my perspective on things.  So many people don't get to live in the moment that your living right now, so if your having trouble with a birthday, just start there. And with all the breathe in your lungs, blow out those candles with gusto!


I know you guys are like, why are you showing me a cup?? Well this picture in general represents a lot. When I turned 25, I had what I call a "quarter life crisis". I was just not where I thought I would be in life AT ALL!! So after a few minor break downs and some soul searching, I set out to change it. After all, I was still breathing so it wasn't too late. And guess what? I accomplished those goals!! So instead of having a pity party, just acknowledge that you want to be better and do more, and then GO DO IT!!!


After all it is your birthday! Go celebrate and live it up! And yes, I'm 30 :-) More to come about what I did after in a later post! XOXO

Monday, May 4, 2015

Motivation Monday: Just Do It

Hello everyone! I'm back! Again! LOL! I've decided to get back into the swing of things. I was actually supposed to post this this morning as Monday Motivation, but I didn't get up in time :-/ However, my message can apply to any day of the week.

I kept telling myself I'll get back into blogging. First it was, "When you're not working a full-time job, going to school for you Masters' and doing an doing internship", then it was "When you're not taking two classes a quarter at school", then it was "When you finish this final paper", then I was out of excuses. After all that I STILL didn't get back into it right away, then it hit me like a ton a bricks, "What are you waiting for? Really What? JUST DO IT!"

Just Do It, it hardly a message I originated, Nike ever so eloquently put it into words and out into the world. But it rings so true. Whatever you're waiting to do, don't wait! Just Do It! Got some obstacles in your way? Chop 'em down! But you have to actually start! My obstacles were honestly myself, I didn't think I had time, I didn't think I had enough content, I ultimately think I was enough. But, and I say this in the most polite way possible, SCREW THAT! I'll never know unless I try so, here we go again :-) House of Cramel, take 10? LOL