Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unexpected Accessory Heaven: Pink Heart Accessories

Tired of going to the malls on the hunt for accessories? Tired getting trapped in Claires or Icing with all the "Teeny Boppers"? Tired of going in your favorite clothing stores, finding the perfect outfit, but scrapping through their limited selection of accessories? Well I found the answer and its in Atlanta's own Atlantic Station. Its a small accessory stored called Pink Heart. Pink Heart is located right next to H&M at in Atlantic Station.

The best way I can describe this place is "Claire's for 21 and up!" There are tons of great-looking costume jewelry, purses, and other accessories. But the clear for front of the store are the top to bottom walls of attractive accessories, in every color you need, at great prices !

There is usually only one person working in the shop. But I doubt you will need any help finding anything because its all laid in front of you, arranged by type of accessory, grouped in color blocks, and arranged with smallest accessory being at the top of the wall progressing to larger accessories toward the bottom. The is an awesome place to get  some really affordable statement pieces as well. There is truely something for everybody here! Its wonderful, TRUST ME!! I give Pink Heart an C for decor, its pretty average. They pretty much let the accessories decorate the store, which isn't a bad thing. I give Pink Heart an A for Customer Experience because the selection is AWESOME!! Its so organized and so easy to shop here. I seriously doubt you could be let down when you come to this place. Check out Pink Hearts facebook page or follow them on twitter at @pinkheartatl. You can visit them at 231 18th Street Atlanta, GA 30363.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bold PerSPECtive: A-Morir

Being the fashionistas that you guys are have you ever wondered where stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and even Jersey Shore Reality Star Snooki grabbed these specticles??

Well wonder no more! These amazing glasses are the one of a kind creations of Kerin.Rose, designer of A-Morir eyewear and accessories. I first learned of the woman behind the lenses on an episode of House of Glam (Shout of to the B.Lynn Group!), when notable stylist Crystal Streets went shopping for accessories for a photo shoot (Crystal got Kerin's designer shades on her first celebrity, Mariah Carey). Then one day my friend was like "I wanna know where I can get some of those glasses with the stones and stuff on them", so we went on an internet search rampage because I couldn't spell A-Morir right for the life of me. But you know I found her site! Located at you will find out everything you need to know about this amazing designer, whose wearing her accessories, and how you can get them yourself. What makes A-Morir so special? Well as she put it on the episode of House of Glam herself  " thing is like putting stuff on stuff that doesn't necessarily belong on stuff..". Hence the birth of some of the more unique and unusual designs like the Barracuda shades (the shades on the left side). I give the A-Morir online store an A, simply because Kerin isn't just selling you some mass manufactered "unspecial" product, these shades are made to order. They range from $150 to around $600, so if your BALLING and need a definate trendsetting look, order something from the A-Morir line. EVERYTHING is eyecatching! These accessories are extremely exclusive and aren't available at too many boutiques, there are only two listed stores listed on website, so my recommendation is to order them straight from the website.