Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Clothing Warehouse: "Red" in the Middle of Little Five Points

If you ever visiting Little Five Points, you can't help but see a bright RED building in the center of everything. You can't help but walk past and say to yourself or someone else "What's that red building?". Well I went in. Its called the Clothing Warehouse. The Clothing Warehouse is a vintage shop, but that's not the first thing I noticed when I walked into the store. I couldn't help but notice how open, organized, and thoughtfully merchandised this place was. In previous experiences in vintage stores I've always gotten what I like to describe as a homey or "really big closet" type feel. This isn't a negative thing, most of the time this is the fun in shopping at vintage or consignment shops. Searching through the racks, waiting to uncover a lost treasure. However this is not the case at the Clothing Warehouse.

The merchandise in the Clothing Warehouse is all organized by style and color blocked. In my opinion this is a nice change for a store that specializes in vintage. Don't get me wrong, I still love the setting and ambiance of vintage shops like Poor Little Rich Girl, thats what makes it unique. The experience is part of what makes shops like those special. But the exact opposite is part of what makes the Clothing Warehouse great. You'd never know that this business was started by a "a skinny farm kid from Ohio" named Jim Buckley. There are still hints of decoration throughout the shop that remind you that you are shopping classic vintage. There are the styled mannequinns over head around the store and the aged art that decorates the concrete walls.

Aside from their approach to merchandising, there is another thing I love about the Clothing Warehouse. The ACCESSORIES! Above is an example of a funky approach they've taken to show off the accessories. But in the middle of the store there is an island full of bangles, necklaces, and sunglasses that would make any accessory queen freak! Below is a picture of the piece I purchased, it was love at first sight. This necklace and I are now in an exclusive relationship as it was the only ONE in the store (Ahhh, the beauty of shopping boutiques!)

The Clothing Warehouse has locations in four other states. For more information about the store visit or visit their facebook page. The location I visited is at 420 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA in the popular part of town called Little Five Points. Go see it for yourself, tell them Boutique Freak sent you!


  1. Looks like an interesting boutique! Cute find! Thanks for checking out my blog too!

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