Saturday, June 4, 2011

Demure Boutique: A Cinderella Story...No Really It Is!

Sometimes accidents are the best things! Here's what I mean. One of my best girlfriends and I met to go to lunch at Yeah! Burger. As we were walking the strap on my shoe broke! As you can imagine I was horrified! I loved that shoe and further more, how was I going to walk to Yeah! Burger with one shoe?? I told my friend "I need to find a store! I need a shoe! There has to be a boutique or something around here!" She said "There's a boutique right up here" She was referencing a store in her building. This is how I found Demure Boutique of West Midtown. I walked in to this beautiful store and the sales girls was ready to help. I informed her of my shoes crisis and told her what I needed. She led me to the CUTEST flip flops.

These are the shoes that saved my life on Howell Mill Road, cute huh? I know! Demure is a trendy boutique that sells unique women's clothes, shoes, and accessories. Honestly I haven't seen my shoes anywhere else yet and they were a pretty comfortable price. Two things that stood out to me about Demure during the short time I was there were 1) The accessories: The bags they have in there are "haute"! 2) The graphic tees: Snappy phrases, quality shirts. They also have a nice collection of sundresses right now. Based on the short time I was there I received some great service, saw some great items, and bought some great shoes. To top if off the place is set up really nice, they have a chandelier that gives the store ambiance something special.

Demure Boutique has two locations, these the location at 1016 Howell Mill Rd Suite B Atlanta, GA and there's also a location at 1230 Caroline Street Suite 110 Atlanta GA (This location is in the shopping center on Moreland Ave, just before you get to Little Five Points). You can also visit Demure at , not online shopping available but it does showcase some of the clothes. Demure also has a facebook and follow them on twitter @DemureAtlanta.


  1. Oh my gosh! I must go to this place!

  2. Thanks for following =) !!! love those sandals !!! xoxo

  3. @Deja Yes! You must go! I loved it in there :-)
    @Stephanie Thank you for following too :-) :-)