Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year: Closet Clean Out and Organization

Image from Pinterest
Happy New Year guys! So what now? I know many of you have you have created new goals, resolutions, vision boards and such. We always emphasize a new start in the new year and guess what fabulous ones? Our closets are not exempt. As I thought about this post I thought about a post that I read on my friend Keosha's blog (click here ~~> ) She did a fabulous job of teaching the masses how to organize your closets! So I won't reinvent the wheel, but I will add to it and give you guys some great ideas.

1) Before you do your closet clean outs do your research and find some boutiques (or some store) that will give you treasure for your treasures. What I mean is sell or trade some of those great finds you never seem to "find" in the closet anymore. Places like Lucky Exchange will buy or trade your gently used current or vintage fashions. Are your fashions a little harder to let go of, still hanging on to your Aunt's classic Chanel jacket that has never been and never will be your size? Contact the experts at E-Dropoff from the VH1 show House of Consignment. They can help make the sale of you most prize possessions worth your while.

2) After you've cleaned out your closet make time to really making your closet a place you want to be in. We often concentrate on our bathrooms and our bedrooms, but many of us step into our closets and get confused, overwhelmed, and sometimes stressful. And it is all because many of us don't take the time to really make our closets a place we want to be in. My friend Keosha got it right in her post when she said giving your closet a boutique atmosphere will no doubt make getting dressed a more fun experience. Think about it, you love to shop, why not make your closet close to that experience. Make it your "dressing room".

That is all Boutique Freaks! Let's start the New Year off great! XOXO