Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heel Condoms: Freaky Right??? Not really..but Fabulous?? YES!!!

Note: This is not for you freak foot fetish folks. I'm not judging, but this is strictly or fashion purposes only!!! LOL!!

So I'm doing my rounds on the internet to some of my favorite sites and blogs I ran across something really interesting on the HighSnobette blog site and I ran across an article about Heel Condoms. Of course I was like "What is a Heel Condom?? What is the world coming too?" and I read further and I saw a picture much like the one above and smiled at this GENIUS!!

As described on the Heel Condoms website, Heel Condoms are  "condom-like covers that let you play dress up with your shoes. These fit any stiletto type heels ranging from 2-5 inches". Heel Condoms are the brain child of 23 year old Sandrysabel Ortiz. The idea was born from a moment when she couldn't fit all the shoes she wanted to travel with in her suitcase.

Heel Condoms come in all sorts of designs: Ruffles, Studs, Feathers, and all kinds of other design patterns. Heel Condoms range between $20 and $40. They can be purchased on the website or at the limited amount of stores listed on the site. The only US physical location I saw was in Califonia at a store called Agana World. I recommend that you order straight from the website, they ship international as well. Heel Condoms get 5 pumps from me. Heel Condoms caught my attention and seems to be a really great product. I do plan to purchase and when I do I will definately show them off to my Boutique Freakers!! Heel Condoms gives you the power not only to pack light, protect the heels of your shoes, reinvent your shoes, and appear "Avant-Garde" without breaking the bank!! Check out The Heel Condom's facebook and twitter pages for updates on the latest details and designs!