Thursday, March 21, 2013

Museum of Design Atlanta: MODA Oh My!

Hello Boutique Freaks! Last month, my friend Rae and I took some time to visit the Museum of Design Atlanta to see the South's Next Wave Design Challenge! This exhibit ends on March 31, 2013, so if you want to see it, get there soon! However if you don't get a chance to see it, let me give you a little peak. It was amazing!!! I honestly wished there was more to see, however, the MODA is a pretty modest space, but every inch of that exhibit was fabulous! The first thing I saw was this Naomi Campbell like Mannequin in the beautiful white gown! This exhibit was call Shattered Boundaries. The interior was done by David Goodrowe and Tim Hobby, and the gown was designed by Tim Hobby.


I won't commentate the entire exhibit, instead I'll show you all the fabulous pictures, but what I will do is talk about my favorite! I felt that I was pulled into a special world, It was called Darkly, Deeply, Beautiful Blue by Caryn Grossman and Chris Buxbaum, and cakes by Lisa Humphreys. The first thing I said was "This look like Marie Antoinette's dark side.

Well I guess I became one with the designers! As I read the excerpt for the piece in the program it read ".....I instantly imagined a Parisian salon, a boudoir, a room whose occupant was ready to take to the state. Ideas ricocheted...images of Marie Antoinette, paneled walls with imposing portraits, a fainting couch, baroque embellishments. And blue, everything in deep, true, glorious shades of blue." With that being said I believe this piece spoke to me and I ANSWERED! It was my favorite! Here are some of the other amazing exhibits that were on display.

This was called Heart of Darkness. This piece contained wigs designed by Quron Hicks and fancy wooden handbags by Tamara Bowens and Ray Bergeron. Interior design by the Bill Musso Group.

What's sexier than a bejeweled Valentino pump?? This exhibit that's what! It's called Iron Man and the Concrete Blonde. Loved the use of contrasting materials here.

Traveling Sound, Interior by Sara Heminway, Boomboxes by Curious Provisions
Wicked Games: Tahiti, Return of the Black Prince's Ruby (The Diamond Jubilee Edition) Interior by Nancy VanDevender, Furniture by Amy Wikman
Liquid Runway, Interior by Jarno Kettunen Glass Dresses and Artwork by Kathleen Plate

And that's it! Check me out sitting on the swing out front of the museum. If you want to visit the MODA, it is right across the street from the HIGH Museum of Art in Atlanta! Thie exhibit ends on March 31, but I'm sure something cool will replace it. This has been a Boutique Culture moment! Hope you enjoyed! XOXO


  1. Hi Cramel - thanks so much for your sweet comments about our space. I just wanted to let you know WE WON the design competition for Deeply Darkly Beautifully Blue! Thanks again for your support!

    Caryn and Chris

    1. THATS AWESOME!!! I was completely drawn to your space! Would love to know if you do anything else and where I can see it!