Sunday, May 19, 2013

Italian Haul: One of the best kind!


Hello my Boutique Freaks! 
I feel like I say this every time Im writing but it really has been a while! Well I have been working the JOB and going to school, moving, and doing all kinds of things since Ive been away! But I'm back! I wanted to share something very special with you guys. My very wonderful and generous boyfriend was able to go to Italy a couple months back. I have to say a was a tad bit jealy! But he thought of me while He was there looking at big churches and lots of dead people on display. This is my very first haul that I'm sharing. My boo bought me this very cute hoodie! I've styled it with leopard legging and black wedge sneakers. This beautiful and modern red purse and another beautiful classic olive and tan bag, both Italian leather. 



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