Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! from Boutique Freak

Good Morning! It has been a challenging past couple of week! As many of you may or may not know, I work for a well known big boxed retailer and it has been nothing short of CRAZY in there! And with the crazy weather going on here in Georgia (and by crazy I mean loads of sunshine and over 60 degree weather) it has been a little more difficult to get into the Christmas spirit, but as always here it is. It's Christmas Eve and raining like crazy outside and I still have to go to work later, BUT I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside. I hope that all of you are enjoying your holidays! This year has actually been truly groundbreaking for multiple areas in my life. I hope this year has been wonderful for you. I thank you all who have visited my page, given feedback, even those of you that stumble over my page by mistake! I appreciate you all and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year! I'm leaving you with one of my favorite Christmas songs, it's Chris Brown's rendition of This Christmas :-) Enjoy :-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Target + Neiman Marcus: Success or not so much??

Hello Boutique Freaks!!! I had a little something on my mind and wanted to share. See the photo above? I'm sure many of you have seen this display already as the much anticipated Target and Neiman Marcus Collaboration has already entered stores. Well to catch you up (as if you need it), 24 CFDA designers created a "legendary" line of 50 gifts. We're talking the likes of designers like Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, and Marc Jacobs to name a few! Okay, so you see my picture, this was taken the Monday after its release on Saturday. For those of you that are familiar with most Limited Time line events at Target this sight is unusual, especially for a line with names like this involved! There is still a lot of merchandise left. I remember the Liberty of London event and even more recently the Missoni event. People were literally lined up outside of the stores like Black Friday and trying to grab anything they could get their hands on! At some stores it was near pandemonium! So why is there still a hefty amount of merchandise left?? Here's my take on why.

#4 Merchandising

I can only speak to the merchandising in Target stores, but I've seen much more creative merchandising initiatives in Target for other things, especially seasonal merchandise. Think about it, have you ever been in Target during Halloween, Valentine's Day, or Christmas?? Custom fixtures are created for much of the merchandise, and even though it is meant to be recycled or disposed of after, it looks great! I think the signing for the Target+Neiman Marcus collab was awesome, but the merchandising efforts could have been better and made the merchandise look much more alluring in the Target store than it does on what they have now.

#3 Not Enough Apparel and Accessories

Even though there were previews of the collection on Target's website (maybe even Neiman Marcus, I'm not sure because I didn't check) I think people expected a lot more of what these designers actually design on a regular basis or at least what they are most popular for and that's CLOTHES, as well as accessories. If Tory Burch had created a cute bootie for this collection there would be no evidence that the shoe even existed online or in stores.

#2 Price Points

Now the average Target shopper could quite possibly be just as affluent as the Neiman Marcus shopper, but they come to both retailers for different things. However Target's audience varies across many income ranges whereas Neiman Marcus does not. So when I saw the price points of some merchandise it seemed a little high. Fashionistas on budget around the world thrive on lines like this because they can't afford to buy a lot of these designers products otherwise, so I'm sure this took some others by surprise as well. Walking into Neiman Marcus and seeing a blouse for $79.99 by Robert Rodriguez is a very different experience when you see it in a Target store. Some of the merchandise isn't that bad like the Proenza sweatshirt for $29.99 and the Rag & Bone shot glasses for $19.99, but some of the others are a little pricey for what Target Limited Time Line shoppers are use to.


There is one immutable fact about most all things sold in Target stores and that is IT WILL GO CLEARANCE!!! When pro Target shoppers alike saw these prices a lot of them probably said "You know what, I'll get the Proenza sweatshirt and the Tory Burch flask today, but that Rodriguez dress, I'll get that the first day it gets marked down!"  So the explosive sales of the first weekend of the event were probably dampened by shoppers plans to get a better deal when the merchandise goes clearance.

Welp, that's my take guys. I'm not that great in the financial department right now being that I'm preparing for the holidays and preparing to move again, but I did get the Tory Burch Flask and I do really like it. Tell me what you guys thoughts on this matter. Was Target+Neiman Marcus a success or not so much??

Monday, November 19, 2012

Small Business Saturday: Happy Entrepreneur Day

As I reflect on National Entrepreneur's Day today, I think about all the fabulous establishments I've had the pleasure of visiting and experiencing. The owners of any business are amazing, trailblazing, risk-taking individuals! Take the time to appreciate entrepreneurs you may know today! 

You know what else you can do to celebrate entrepreneurs? Shop Small on November 24!! Nestled in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday. Shop at small businesses near you and give your own community a profitable boost! Of course you know I suggest your nearest fabulous boutiques! And for you boutique and small business owners a lot, check out American Express's website to find help with promoting and growing your small business! Click here ~~>  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bill Hallman: Part Deux

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Hello Boutique Freaks! Well I have some great news, I just completed my first quarter of my program at SCAD! Honestly it's a little bitter sweet because I'm on break until January, and I really loved going to school. Anyways, back to business at hand. I want to show you a boutique! Bill Hallman Original, in one of my previous post I visited Bill Hallman Flaunt in Little Five Points. My pictures weren't that great and didn't really do the shop any justice, but I'm redeeming myself with this post! Here in the Virginia Highlands is Bill Hallman Original boutique. They sell men and women's clothing and accessories! Hope you enjoy! You can find at 792 North Highland Ave Atlanta, GA. These pictures were taken a couple months ago, so you may find new fabulous fashions other than these that are pictured in the store right now.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bridge Boutique: SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!

Hello guys! I know its been a while since Boutique Freak has actually posted a new boutique, so wait no more. Without further adieu, I'd like to present Bridge Boutique. It is simply beautiful in here!
I get a shabby chic feel when I walk into the boutique, Don't you? Bridge is located in the chic Virginia Highlands community. Even though they have been there very long, it feels like it was meant to be!

 Loved the shoes, love the clothes, there were even fashion books! Imagine that! Need another reason to love Bridge? Well they are just so nice there they will sell you the mirrors, fixtures off the walls, and the chandelier from the ceiling. Not I'm serious they will! So if you see something else you like besides the clothes and the shoes don't be afraid to inquire :-)

Make sure you visit Bridge Boutique located at 1054 Saint Charles Ave NE Atlanta, GA. You can also visit there facebook page at . I loved it there, the manager was extremely nice and inviting. When you go tell them Boutique Freak sent you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Into Fashion Extravaganza

Fall Into Fashion Extravaganza

Hello Boutique Freaks! Enjoy this Networking and Fashion Show event this Saturday at the Funkshion Factory. For complete details of this event visit !

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Happening THIS Week in Fashion and Boutiques!!

Hello Boutique Freaks! Here are a couple of events I think you guys will love that are happening this week!

Love beauty, natural hair, and fashion?? Well this is the event for you! 'Fro Fashion Week will be headquartered at the Melia Hotel in downtown Atlanta, but events will be held around the city. For full details and itinerary of events, click on the flyer above to visit the website! Oh yea, you know there is some sort of shopping involved if I'm telling you to go, they're having an "I Love Thrifting" bus tour on one of the days. Sounds like boutique fun to me!

It's that time again! Last Wednesday of the month means Cosmopolitan Wednesdays at Bouchic Boutique and Lounge in Glenwood Park! For details about this event, click the logo above!

Thats all I've got for you today Boutique Freaks! Love you guys! Remember to follow me on twitter and facebook! XOXO

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's Happening This Week in Boutique Freak

Sorry it's been so long without a post guys, I'll tell that story tomorrow! But what's happening this week is bitter sweet. iKandie boutique is closing, I know it's sad. But in order to get rid of their fab inventory, they are having a 50% off sale. It only last til the end of the month. Get there!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Enjoy New York Fashion Week at Home According to Cramel

Are you experiencing Fashion Week woes because you can't be apart of all the action in New York City?? I can't lie, I felt a twinge of jealousy as I've been following some of my fellow bloggers taking over New York City through various social networks. But all is not lost guys! You too can be apart of New York's Fashion Week, even if your not at work. Here are my top three ways on how to enjoy Fashion Week from where you are!

#1  Plan to Attend Fashion's Night Out at a location near you!

Remember guys, Fashion's Night Out has events happening almost everywhere! Visit to check out retailers that are hosting events. Also check with your local boutiques to see if their doing anything to include themselves in all the fun!

#2  Sit Front Row...In Front of Your Computer That Is!

You can have your very own front row seat to all the fashion shows LIVE!! Just visit Live From The Runway's YouTube channel to view live feed of all the fabulousness in New York!

#3 Attend the Style Awards via the Style Network

The Style Network will be broadcasting the 9th Annual Style Awards on September 14. This is the first year the Style Network will be airing the Style Awards so make sure you are tuned in on September 14!

Alright Boutique Freak enjoy! Don't be afraid to tweet me! @BoutiqueFreak1

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's going down this week

Photo from Belk's Facebook Page
Belk is bring New York's Fashion's Night Out to Atlanta! This event takes place September 9th at Phipps Plaza. If you'd like the opportunity to view a fashion showcase presented by the editor of Jezebel magazine, free polish change and makeup consultation, and other free gifts make sure you at Phipps Plaza from 6pm - 9pm. For more info visit this link ~~> here


Join V-103's Frank Ski for his Couture for change Fashion show! It will be at Studio Couture (Remember I did a post on this fabulous place! To buy tickets click the eventbrite link here ~~>  

Have a great time Boutique Freaks!

*The picture and flyers used in this post are the property and promotional materials of the said organizations, not my own.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Where to Shop: Threadz Boutique

This past weekend I visited Threadz Boutique located in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta. I was pleasantly greeted by Mrs. Channell, wife of the owner of Threadz. She and her husband moved the boutique here from Boston. For all you stylish men out there, you should be glad they did!

Threadz carries the brands the "Urban Gentleman" can appreciate. Brands like Rocksmith, True Religion, and Calligraphy are throughout the store. I loved the look and feel of the boutique. You know what else I love? The fact that every Tuesday Threadz treats every guest that purchases to lunch! Burgers and a Beer! Who wouldn't love that? Threadz also gives all students 10% off their purchases.
Student or not, Threadz Atlanta boutique is a place all my gentlemen need to shop and all my ladies need to stop by for their men! Their located at 1060 St. Charles Ave in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta. Make sure you make Threadz a shopping destination!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012