Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boutique Freak: Underconstruction

Hello Boutique Freaks! I just wanted to touch base with you guys. Right now both my blog and my brain are under construction. I feel as if I go through this a little bit every year, but I'm sure it's all for the better! Meanwhile, I still love fashion and boutiques! I just finished my first official year of fashion grad school at SCAD (YES IT'S GREAT!), and I'm currently creating a path for my own success. I have to say it's not as easy as I'd like for it to be. There is always "noise" when great things are about to happen. When the noise starts is when I really know that I'm on the something because that is the enemy trying to deter you from the light! Don't make me start preaching up in here! But it's the truth! So if your going through something similar guys don't give up on the your dreams, if your dreams keep remain in your thoughts there is a reason. It may be where your suppose to be or it may be a step in the direction of where your suppose to be. Don't ignore them. Maybe there are some other things in your thought life you must get rid of in order to move forward with your dreams. THINK ABOUT IT!!