Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eclectic Chique: Tres Chic!!

Hello Boutique Freaks! Let's get right to it! Here is Eclectic Chique boutique, another one of the boutiques I visited during my time in Chicago. I've got to admit this was in my top three favorites. I absolutely loved the design of the store as well as the merchandising job. 

I really appreciated the color coordination and overall organization of the store and on top of all this the merchandise was ON POINT! I could picture myself in almost everything in the store. I did get a chance to meet the person responsible for all this fabulousity. Her name is Monique Scott. She was extremely warm and welcoming of my sister and I. She was actually in the process of speaking with a business partner when we walked in the store and did not hesitate to welcome us into her store and answer any of our questions. Boutique Freakers know I'm big on great customer service and Ms. Scott certainly did not disappoint! Monique Scott also designs jewelry. She didn't have it displayed but she pulled it out of her stash for me to see. She doesn't know it but I will be hitting her up for a pair of these!

F-A-B right?? I KNOWWW!!! The other thing I really liked about Monique is that she shared the wealth with her fellow boutique owners in Lincoln park. She referred my sister and I to other really great boutiques in the area, she even recommended a restaurant to my sister (she's vegan). I've never heard of Midwestern hospitality, but I definitely received a lot of it while I was here in Chicago (Is Illinois considered midwest???). Well to receive some great service, great options, from a great owner stop in at Eclectic Chique in Lincoln Park. Its at 807 W. Dickens Chicago, IL. Tell her Boutique Freak sent you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CT212: Just Fabulous!

I'm back again with another Chicago treat! And I do mean a treat! CT 212 is another gem on N. Halsted. CT stands for Calvin Tran, as in Bravo's The Fashion Show Calvin Tran. Mr. Tran does not let us down when you step into the doors of CT212.
What caught my eye first about CT212 was the merchandising, it was AWESOME!!! Believe my pictures don't do it justice. As my sister and I spoke with the associate, we learned that he was the merchant!! His name is Will and he is fabulous! We loved Will, he was very helpful and extremely nice. Here's a picture of him posing in front of some of his work.
The merchandise is incredible, almost everything I picked up and fawned over was a piece from Calvin Trans own collection! And as fabulous as it is in the boutique don't expect to pass out from the prices because their actually pretty reasonable. My sister coped a bracelet for under $20.

If your in Chicago please stop by, CT212 is located at 2130 N. Halsted Chicago, IL 60614. Say hello to Will and let them know Boutique Freak sent you! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Chicago Boutiques: Londo Mondo and Fox's Oh My!

 Alright BF's I won't waste any time! As you read from my previous post (or at least I hope you did) my sister and I went on a day trip to Chicago and yes I ended up scouring boutiques. It's what I do! Here are two more of the stores we visited. Pictured above is Fox's. Read the sign: Designer Clothes at Off-Prices. Ladies this means WALK IN. If I had to describe Fox's, I say it was the TJ Max or Ross of Boutiques in Chicago. This means put on your hunting gear ladies. Think of it as digging for treasures. And there are lots of little value priced designer treasures hiding in Fox's. Check out some of my finds.
Another notable stop we made was a boutique called Londo Mondo. Londo Mondo seemed to specialize in beach or cruise wear. Look at my pics to see what I mean.

There was some very cute stuff if there, but of all the things that caught my attention , this is what I remember most about Londo Mondo.
Cleavage Cupcakes!! These are simply boob boosters. Put these babies in your bra and voila! Cleavage! If you'd like to visit either of these stores Londo Mondo is located at 2148 N. Halsted Chicago, IL 60614 and Fox's is right next door at 2150 N. Halsted Chicago, IL 60614. One last amazing thing, Fox's actually also has a location in Atlanta, so I will be checking it out. Until next time (or next week) shop on Boutique Freaks!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

eDrop Off: House of Consignment

HELLO BOUTIQUE FREAKS!!! Its been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope place to shop!! Okay I know I'm lame but I couldn't resist! I've been working on some personal growth as well as giving Boutique Freak a new look! Hope you guys like it :-) Alright, on to the goods! I was visiting my sister in Michigan for her graduation and we decided to do a day trip to Chicago. I found some really amazing stores so if your ever in the area or if you live in Chicago make sure you check out my next few posts to find some great places to shop! My first stop was at the infamous eDrop Off headquarters! I love the show House of Consignment on VH1 and I admire the creator of eDrop Off Corri McFadden. No, I did not meet her but from what I've learned about in Press for eDrop Off and of course the show I love her! So what exactly is eDrop Off you ask??
eDrop Off does exactly what the display window says! They describe themselves as a Luxury Consignment Servic. Here's a YouTube video that explains their process (this video was made by the eDrop Off Staff and posted on YouTube by them, NOT ME. However all of the pictures were taken by my sister and me)

So if you have a closet full of designer or luxury items and your ready to make room for more, why not choose to make some money off of it?? Go visit the eDrop Off Website or visit them yourself . The location I visited was in the posh Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago at 2117 N. Halsted. Tell them Boutique Freak sent you!