Wednesday, May 2, 2012

eDrop Off: House of Consignment

HELLO BOUTIQUE FREAKS!!! Its been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope place to shop!! Okay I know I'm lame but I couldn't resist! I've been working on some personal growth as well as giving Boutique Freak a new look! Hope you guys like it :-) Alright, on to the goods! I was visiting my sister in Michigan for her graduation and we decided to do a day trip to Chicago. I found some really amazing stores so if your ever in the area or if you live in Chicago make sure you check out my next few posts to find some great places to shop! My first stop was at the infamous eDrop Off headquarters! I love the show House of Consignment on VH1 and I admire the creator of eDrop Off Corri McFadden. No, I did not meet her but from what I've learned about in Press for eDrop Off and of course the show I love her! So what exactly is eDrop Off you ask??
eDrop Off does exactly what the display window says! They describe themselves as a Luxury Consignment Servic. Here's a YouTube video that explains their process (this video was made by the eDrop Off Staff and posted on YouTube by them, NOT ME. However all of the pictures were taken by my sister and me)

So if you have a closet full of designer or luxury items and your ready to make room for more, why not choose to make some money off of it?? Go visit the eDrop Off Website or visit them yourself . The location I visited was in the posh Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago at 2117 N. Halsted. Tell them Boutique Freak sent you!

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