Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend..but Cupcakes are too!!: CamiCakes

The definition of Bou-tique: (boo-teek) any small business offering customized service. So you see, it doesn't always have to be clothes, shoes, and such. As long as the business specializes in something and does it FABULOUSLY, its a boutique to Boutique Freak. So now I bring you Camicakes, a little piece of heaven or a small corner of paradise you might say. I found this place tucked in a shopping center in Buckhead. Camicakes is a boutique bakery that specializes in gourmet cupcakes. CamiCakes is the brainchild of Andra Hall and named her business after her daughter Camille. There are a variety of cupcakes but pictured below are you main players.

I had the pleasure of having the Classic Cami, the Lemon Drop, and the Sweet Potato Cupcakes! And all I can say is YUM! LOL!








When I walked in the place was so cute and the cupcake presentation was great. The line was full of women, women with one thought on there mind. And then it happened, one woman started talking about the cupcakes she came to get after thinking it was out of stock and conversation started. To hear all these women talking about the flavors they loved and the excuses they used to come and buy these little guilty pleasures just made me excited. I'm so glad I wasn't let down.

Camicakes has three exclusive location: Tinseltown, FL - Orange Park, FL - and Buckhead, GA. Camicakes gets 5 pumps up from me :-) I love the shop, I love the cakes, and I actually really enjoyed the experience of buying my cupcakes. They were definately worth $2.50 each. Visit for more info or find their facebook and twitter pages.Now I have been told by one of my Facebook friends there is some "CupCake Competition" out there so look foward for more on cupcakes!