Monday, November 25, 2013

Funky Flair Boutique: FUNKY FASHION

 Hello Boutique Freaks!!! Guess what? I'm out of school for Winter Break!!! I'm definitely going to use this time wisely, and I'm gonna start by telling you guys about an amazing boutique. I had the pleasure of being invited to check out Funky Flair Boutique. And you know what I discovered? Not all the good spots are in the city, sometimes you gotta leave the nest to get your treasure. In this case, I was led out to good ol' Marietta, Georgia and met Funky Flair Boutique owner Kesha Denise.

Kesha is the one you will probably see when you walk into Funky Flair boutique. She will be there to offer you great service, style advice, and help you walk out of Funky Flair, Funky and Fabulous! I really enjoyed her awesome personality and genuine spirit, if I didn't know any better I'd have thought she was a Sweet Georgia Peach like myself!

So why should you come shop here? I'll gladly tell you, Funky Flair embodies the true essence of 
boutique shopping. It's an intimate and stylish space, bursting at the seams with unique fashions. To make it even better, it's extremely affordable. So no ladies you don't always have to pay the price to go to Phipps to find something amazing and exclusive. Funky Flair Boutique is here for you! So Boutique Freaks, make sure you stop in and visit Kesha at Funky Flair Boutique, you'll be glad you found this jewel. Happy Shopping! Remember Shop Small Saturday is coming this week! Add this spot to your list and support small businesses!!! You can visit Funky Flair Boutique at or walk in at 3020 Canton Rd #220 Marietta, GA 30066. Now go shopping!! GO!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Boutique Freak: California Dreaming

Hello Boutique Freak! How have you been?? Well I've been busy! With a full time job, an internship, graduate school, and adjusting to having a long term relationship with a 3 hour time difference, I have to say I've been doing a weird balancing act! But it's actually been kind of great! I recently, recently being a month ago, visited my boyfriend in California. He's attending graduate school at the University of San Diego. But before he started class we took a little vacation before things got hectic and I got to see, feel, and taste the west coast. If you've visited my YouTube channel House of Cramel, you've already seen a video from my trip but if you haven't already here's the link ~~>
Of course while I was there I did one of my favorite things I love to do when I travel and that is check out the boutiques! I walked the famous Gas Lamp district and found some great spots!


When I tell you I met the were the sweetest people, I thought I might have been in the south. But these wonderful at Bubbles Boutique.

This funny sign greeted me at the door. I met Ms. Gaylenne "Bubbles" Nichols, the owner of the boutique. She is an A+ merchandiser and she was wonderful to me when I came in. She showed me all around the store and even showed me pieces from some of San Diego's local designers, like these cool rings by Suki Bijoux. She takes everyday items like maps and music and creates jewelry. It's very unique!

SECOND STOP - Bettie Page

Bettie Page is a "Pin Up Girl" themed boutique affectionately named after the Queen of Pinups. I probably wouldn't wear any of the clothes but they were awfully cute. I'm just too short, and a little light on curves. But if your not like me and love the pin up girl style, this is the place for you. I felt like I was in a museum.

THIRD STOP - So Good Jewelry

This place is the ultimate in accessories, while I recommend it for a VARIETY of reasons (CLEARLY) I was extremely overwhelmed and couldn't stay long because of the sheer tidal wave of accessories that were approaching me.

FOURTH STOP - Eden Boutique

I was pulled into Eden by the design of the boutique. It's decorated as if your sitting in the middle of a beautiful plant garden. Awesome right?

LAST STOP aka MY FAVORITE -  Dolcetti Boutique

Dolcetti is Italian for SWEETS! And boy was it. At Dolcetti you can get your entire look together, I mean literally hooked up from head to toe. Downstairs and is an amazing clothing boutique for both men and women, and upstairs and an amazing hair salon upstairs called the Style Concierge. I thought this was an extremely cool concept.

Hope you enjoyed touring these amazing boutiques with me in San Diego! Next stop? Who knows! Where would you like to see me go? XOXO

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boutique Freak: Underconstruction

Hello Boutique Freaks! I just wanted to touch base with you guys. Right now both my blog and my brain are under construction. I feel as if I go through this a little bit every year, but I'm sure it's all for the better! Meanwhile, I still love fashion and boutiques! I just finished my first official year of fashion grad school at SCAD (YES IT'S GREAT!), and I'm currently creating a path for my own success. I have to say it's not as easy as I'd like for it to be. There is always "noise" when great things are about to happen. When the noise starts is when I really know that I'm on the something because that is the enemy trying to deter you from the light! Don't make me start preaching up in here! But it's the truth! So if your going through something similar guys don't give up on the your dreams, if your dreams keep remain in your thoughts there is a reason. It may be where your suppose to be or it may be a step in the direction of where your suppose to be. Don't ignore them. Maybe there are some other things in your thought life you must get rid of in order to move forward with your dreams. THINK ABOUT IT!! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Italian Haul: One of the best kind!


Hello my Boutique Freaks! 
I feel like I say this every time Im writing but it really has been a while! Well I have been working the JOB and going to school, moving, and doing all kinds of things since Ive been away! But I'm back! I wanted to share something very special with you guys. My very wonderful and generous boyfriend was able to go to Italy a couple months back. I have to say a was a tad bit jealy! But he thought of me while He was there looking at big churches and lots of dead people on display. This is my very first haul that I'm sharing. My boo bought me this very cute hoodie! I've styled it with leopard legging and black wedge sneakers. This beautiful and modern red purse and another beautiful classic olive and tan bag, both Italian leather. 



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Museum of Design Atlanta: MODA Oh My!

Hello Boutique Freaks! Last month, my friend Rae and I took some time to visit the Museum of Design Atlanta to see the South's Next Wave Design Challenge! This exhibit ends on March 31, 2013, so if you want to see it, get there soon! However if you don't get a chance to see it, let me give you a little peak. It was amazing!!! I honestly wished there was more to see, however, the MODA is a pretty modest space, but every inch of that exhibit was fabulous! The first thing I saw was this Naomi Campbell like Mannequin in the beautiful white gown! This exhibit was call Shattered Boundaries. The interior was done by David Goodrowe and Tim Hobby, and the gown was designed by Tim Hobby.


I won't commentate the entire exhibit, instead I'll show you all the fabulous pictures, but what I will do is talk about my favorite! I felt that I was pulled into a special world, It was called Darkly, Deeply, Beautiful Blue by Caryn Grossman and Chris Buxbaum, and cakes by Lisa Humphreys. The first thing I said was "This look like Marie Antoinette's dark side.

Well I guess I became one with the designers! As I read the excerpt for the piece in the program it read ".....I instantly imagined a Parisian salon, a boudoir, a room whose occupant was ready to take to the state. Ideas ricocheted...images of Marie Antoinette, paneled walls with imposing portraits, a fainting couch, baroque embellishments. And blue, everything in deep, true, glorious shades of blue." With that being said I believe this piece spoke to me and I ANSWERED! It was my favorite! Here are some of the other amazing exhibits that were on display.

This was called Heart of Darkness. This piece contained wigs designed by Quron Hicks and fancy wooden handbags by Tamara Bowens and Ray Bergeron. Interior design by the Bill Musso Group.

What's sexier than a bejeweled Valentino pump?? This exhibit that's what! It's called Iron Man and the Concrete Blonde. Loved the use of contrasting materials here.

Traveling Sound, Interior by Sara Heminway, Boomboxes by Curious Provisions
Wicked Games: Tahiti, Return of the Black Prince's Ruby (The Diamond Jubilee Edition) Interior by Nancy VanDevender, Furniture by Amy Wikman
Liquid Runway, Interior by Jarno Kettunen Glass Dresses and Artwork by Kathleen Plate

And that's it! Check me out sitting on the swing out front of the museum. If you want to visit the MODA, it is right across the street from the HIGH Museum of Art in Atlanta! Thie exhibit ends on March 31, but I'm sure something cool will replace it. This has been a Boutique Culture moment! Hope you enjoyed! XOXO