Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bouchic Boutique + Lounge: A New Year A New You Event

Hello Boutique Freaks! I know it's been a while. I've actually been trying to find my legs with the online class I'm taking and the first couple weeks required ALOT of my time! Now I think I'm doing pretty well and getting back into the swing of other things. Fortunately I did have time to visit a boutique (I know it's been a while!). There is a neighborhood near my house that I often go and visit and pretend I'm part of, yes it's that awesome. it's called Glenwood Park. I love the houses, the people, the hangouts, and the shops! Here is where I found Bouchic Boutique and Lounge. They sell woman's clothing and accessories. And they are FABULOUS! On this particular trip they were hosting an event featuring shoes by Elaine Breedlove Fashion and accessories by Fabulina Designs!

Elaine Breedlove Shoes
Here are some of the shoes that were featured in the lounge area of the boutique. I loved them! I fall in love with 95 percent of things that sparkle and these were not an exception :-)

Accessories by Fabulina Designs
There were also tables of gorgeous handmade accessories by Fabulina Designs. I couldn't help but purchase a design for myself!


Customers that came into the event could also enjoy 20 percent of all Bouchic merchandise! I copped a beautiful pair of leggings and a bracelet by Fabulina!

Me out in my leggings purchased at Bouchic!
Please checkout Bouchic Boutique + Lounge, they have beautiful garments, banging accessories, and host lots of events. In fact, if you have an event you'd like to host in a fashion friendly atmosphere I suggest you contact them! Bouchic is located at 453 Bill Kennedy Way Atlanta, GA 30316.

PS - It took me a while to get this posted due to some technical difficulties, in a nutshell, phone stopped working, phone had my photos, thank God I was able to retrieve the photos from my SD card! Great news about all this is I now have an iPhone! So look forward to more fab pics. Wish I'd had it for this event so I could have shown better pics!