Monday, January 30, 2012

Spice Boutique: Where Sugar and Spice Make Everything.....FASHIONABLE!

Hello Boutique Freaks! I was invited (more like invited myself and they graciously accepted) to come out and visit one of Atlanta's newest shopping spots: Spice Boutique. Spice Boutique is located near the historic Sweet Auburn district in Atlanta. The Sweet Auburn area is known for its booming social and economic success for and by African Americans between the 1880s and 1960s. Sweet Auburn now has a budding fashion district and Spice Boutique is growing with it.

These are the fabulous ladies that planted to the seed, Portia and Jennifer. Portia, a professional model, and Jennifer, creator of Candy Girlz Shoes, came together to form Spice Boutique. The haute new boutique has been up and running for about 8 months now and they have so much to offer. You can get a little of everything from Spice, from exclusive vintage pieces, modern pieces by up and coming designers, haute lingerie, even "haut"er shoes, and banging accessories.

One of the things that really caught my eye when I walked in was the presentation of the shoes and once I got a little closer, the merchandise did NOT let me down. These beautiful shoes are adorned with Candy Girlz Shoes. The great thing about Jennifer's Candy Girlz Shoes is that not only do the designs and styles rival the likes of Louboutain but they're also affordable. My picutre does the shoe display no justice at all but heres a look at it.

While chatting with one of the store owners, Portia I got a little "tea" too. As she told me about all the different lines they carry in the store she mentioned that they carried J. Loren. I told her that I had been to his boutique La Bella Vie in Castleberry Hills (check out my previous posts here ~~>La Bella Vie and La Bella Vie 2). Unfortunately clicking the links to my post is the only way you'll be able to visit La Bella Vie because the owner closed his doors, but on a much higher note you can find all his creations in Spice Boutique. Heres one dress I thought was really nice.

Some other brands you can find here are Cupcake Mafia Tees, Pretty Posh lingerie, and Jewelry and Accessories by artist like Renitta Clements, Miss B, and Aja. You can visit Spice Boutique at 49 Boulevard SE Atlanta, GA 30312. Their website is coming soon, but in the meantime you can stay updated on the latest news with Spice Boutique via their twitter @spice_boutique for @spice_girlz , find them under Spice Boutique on facebook, or just stop in the store and join their mailing/text list! Be sure to tell them Boutique Freak sent you!

the store as well.

So make sure you guys go out and visit Spice Boutique at 49 Boulevard SE Atlanta, GA 30312, you can also visit their facebook page. Their