Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heavy Chevy & Lucy Lou's: I ain't talking about cars either..


I was in the West Village area in Smryna and while I noticed Plush Boutique was now closed I also noticed a new comer to the area. The "Plus Size" sign in the window is what got my attention. So I took a little visit for my Boutique Freaks! This boutique is called Heavy Chevy & Lucy Lou's (reminds you a the title of a Big Boi album right?) As I walked in the first thing that I noticed were all the colors everywhere. There was a variety of everything from what I can remember. What caught me off guard was the lack of interest by the salesperson that someone had just walked in. I looked around at clothes and the very attractive boutique and tried to figure out how everything was organized...but I couldn't. I didn't know if these clothes came from previous owners, whether it was a special vintage shop, so I just asked. I asked the young stylish fellow if this was a vintage boutique and he said no, but the owner does sell vintage. He didn't volunteer any other information, but I did ask him if the owner was here and he informed me she was not.

I took this really nice flyer with me with the hopes of being able to find out more information on this new boutique, but after a couple of attempts at trying to visit, I kept being led to some other site that had nothing to do with the store. They do have a facebook page, but at this time it isn't that informative. I'm not going to rate this boutique because everything seems to still be in infancy. I do plan to go back and I will give you guys an updated posts. What I will tell you is that there is a wide variety of clothing there for men and women, and they also have plus size clothing avaiblable (for my thicker than a snicker chicks lol, love you guys muah!) In the mean time you an visit Heavy Chevy & Lucy Lou's for yourselves at 4500 West Village Place, suite 4015, Smyrna, GA 30080, same area as Kandi's TAGS boutique. Tell me what you think!

Friday, February 4, 2011

iKandie Boutique: Last Store Standing


Okay well, while iKandie Clothing boutique is hardly the last store standing in the East Atlanta Village, it is one of the last boutiques, its neighbor House of Bling recently emptied its racks and closed its doors. One would think there was a curse on trendy boutiques that settle into the eccentric community of East Atlanta Village. While restautants like the Graveyard Tavern, the East Atlanta Restaurant and Lounge (affectionately refered to as The EARL), and Grant Central Pizza have had great success in the East Atlanta Village, most boutiques such as the trendy children's boutique Blah Blah Boutique and House of Bling haven't had the same luck. Perhaps the secret lies in the real estate. iKandie boutique has been arround for atleast 2 to 3 years, could be more, but before iKandie made its debut, that very same space was that of Pieces of Adrene. Pieces of Adrene was the most successful boutique I'd seen in East Atlanta and probably stayed around the longest. Adrene moved her boutique over the Castleberry Hills area in Atlanta in a larger space and in an area she felt was her market. Then along came iKandie! iKandie does live up to its name. No particular labels sold in the store but the clothes are fabolous just the same. The prices are really affordable, most of the pieces are unique and under $100 and the accessories are under $25. Watch the window for sales as well, iKandie just recently had a sale for 50% off all the clothing store! Can't beat that! I give iKandie boutique an over 4 pumps up! Great prices, great mix of cloting and accessories, and pretty good customer service. Love that combo! Visit iKandie Boutique at 493-A Flat Shoals Ave Atlanta, GA 30316