Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heavy Chevy & Lucy Lou's: I ain't talking about cars either..


I was in the West Village area in Smryna and while I noticed Plush Boutique was now closed I also noticed a new comer to the area. The "Plus Size" sign in the window is what got my attention. So I took a little visit for my Boutique Freaks! This boutique is called Heavy Chevy & Lucy Lou's (reminds you a the title of a Big Boi album right?) As I walked in the first thing that I noticed were all the colors everywhere. There was a variety of everything from what I can remember. What caught me off guard was the lack of interest by the salesperson that someone had just walked in. I looked around at clothes and the very attractive boutique and tried to figure out how everything was organized...but I couldn't. I didn't know if these clothes came from previous owners, whether it was a special vintage shop, so I just asked. I asked the young stylish fellow if this was a vintage boutique and he said no, but the owner does sell vintage. He didn't volunteer any other information, but I did ask him if the owner was here and he informed me she was not.

I took this really nice flyer with me with the hopes of being able to find out more information on this new boutique, but after a couple of attempts at trying to visit, I kept being led to some other site that had nothing to do with the store. They do have a facebook page, but at this time it isn't that informative. I'm not going to rate this boutique because everything seems to still be in infancy. I do plan to go back and I will give you guys an updated posts. What I will tell you is that there is a wide variety of clothing there for men and women, and they also have plus size clothing avaiblable (for my thicker than a snicker chicks lol, love you guys muah!) In the mean time you an visit Heavy Chevy & Lucy Lou's for yourselves at 4500 West Village Place, suite 4015, Smyrna, GA 30080, same area as Kandi's TAGS boutique. Tell me what you think!

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