Wednesday, June 15, 2011

House of Adrene: My first boutique love <3

Ahhh! House of Adrene. Its great to see some one evolve from one place thats already amazing to something even more amazing. I told you guys about House of Adrene in an earlier post ( So you already know I've been shopping with her since her original boutique Pieces of Adrene. Here stands Adrene's evolution, literally from "pieces" to a full blown "house", House of Adrene. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a white runway that displays folded merchandise, and there are racks on either side of the runway are adorned with Men's and Women's fashions. On this particular trip I snagged these long peacock feather earrings.

Ladies AND gentleman if you want to experience a great boutique with a great selection of popular brand as well as unique brands from local designers, stop in. You can also look forward to some great service. It always flatters me when she remembers me and affectionately refers to me as one of her "piece customers". House of Adrene is located at 264 Peters Street Atlanta, GA 30313 in the Castleberry Hills area. Also when you stop in remember to put yourself on the mailing list. The boutique hosts some great events, which is fitting because her space is so amazing. Don't miss out!

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