Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wish Atlanta Boutique: "What Lies Beneath"

Every once in a while you come across something that just blows the competition away, something that takes what you thought was "on the level" and totally ELEVATES it. Let me explain. The picture above you see is of Wish, an urban shopping experience located in Little Five Points of Atlanta. The building use to be a Public Library which is historically noted on a concrete slab on the side of the building (Sorry Rae, it wasn't a bank but you were close). If you have any ounce of appreciation for art of any form, be prepared for those emotions to be provoked when you walk through the doors of Wish. The architecture is amazing, and the interior design is just as incredible, yet it manages to be understated enough to bring the focus to the merchandise. I read that the mission of owner, Lauren Amos, was not just to create another retail space, but an iconic destination. I'd say, mission accomplished.

One of things I found to be the coolest at Wish were the glass display cubes in the floor. My picture doesn't show them very well because photography and a vertically challenged person don't alway mix, but I did get a great picture of the standing display case. You'll find that Wish carries a selection of fashions by both reputable and emerging designers. Popular brands like Cheap Monday and Married to the Mob sit along side rising and unique brands like Cult of Individuality and Hellz Bellz. Wish also carries their own line of apparel and accessories. Wish appears to pride itself on exclusivity and originality. But, in my opinion, there is something a little more special about this place. Let me show you.

Downstairs in the belly of Wish is a sneaker head's paradise. Nestled in the walls of what looks like a tribute to the former public library is a selection of men's and women's shoes that would excite even the most judicious sneaker head. Displayed on lighted counter tops and shelves are brands such as Nike QS, Adidas Consortium, Android Homme, Vans Vault, Supra, and Jordan.

So if your looking for shoes that seem to be just short of an urban legend, you'll probably find it at Wish, unless your just too late. True exclusivity means its LIMITED! My suggestions? If your taking "sneaker-head 101", like myself, start by visiting Wish's website, there is a blog dedicated to products they will be and are currently carrying in the store and online. You can also follow on twitter @WishATL.  But if you want to dive right in, go for a visit and see what lies beneath the surface of this store. Wish Atlanta Boutique is located at 447 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA 30307.

For those of you who take your shoe game so serious that you find yourself waiting for Footlocker to open a the strike of midnight for those Jordan's or scouring internet pages to find those kicks that everybody's already talking about, take your shoe game to the next level and try Wish. Your friend's aren't talking about some of these shoes because they're just not up on it. SHOW THEM WHAT THEIR MISSING! Then you decide whether or not to tell them where you got them :-) I've got to admit, I've had a few memorable impressions when visiting new stores. But by far, Wish is probably one of the most fashionably stimulating experiences I've had. I have to start making sure there isn't more than one level to any other place I visit!



  1. I think I was the one to touch the shoe in the fourth pic! Its urking my nerves that is out of place! lol!

  2. Keep the pictures coming, be sure to tweet pic them and put them on your facebook!

  3. Oh my gosh, I just love this! I must visit this boutique one day. I love how they used the old books as decorations. Very unique!