Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Popping TAGS !!

Hello Boutique Freaks! Today I'll be telling you about my experiences at TAGS, Co-Owned by Real Atlanta Housewife Kandi Buress. Yes I said experiences, I've been about 3 or 4 times. Each time after my first time I brought someone else (that wasn't my sister) back with me.That in itself says alot. Tags offers some really great selections. One other thing I really like about Tags is that there is a great selection of men's clothing and I'm not talking a little corner of the store selection. I'm talking one entire side of the store is dedicated to menswear. Great right?

When you set foot in Tags you will more than likely see Peaches. She's also Co-Owner of Tags Boutique. On the weekends you may even see her daughters (I assume those were her daughters) helping out. On my visits to Tags I've never seen Kandi but that not to say she's never there. I've certainly seen Kandi around other parts of the city (we went to see Precious at Midtown together, she doesn't know that though because I was sitting with my friends and she was sitting with her friends lol) so I'm sure she's frequents the store. I'm not sure if she still does this, but according to an episode of Atlanta Housewives she'd began recording her 'Kandi Koated Nights' web show there.

The Big 'O' Otis Redding Foundation Presents An Evening of Respect

For Shopping experience I give Tags a B+, they offer a great selection at really down to earth prices! Exclusive fashions for great prices, enough said! You can also "Tag" yourself by purchasing a Tags graphic tee. Peaches does a great job with interacting with customers, I even recall one I went in she had refreshments set up for shoppers. For decor, I give it a B, the shop is pretty simple, the are a couple nice furniture pieces and the fitting area is very lounge like. The store does a great job of not letting the store outshine the clothes, but the store still looks great. Am I making any sense? Either way, Tags gets a solid 4 out of 5 pumps. Go check it out online at or in Smyrna, GA at West Villiage Place.

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  1. great job cramel!! hopefully this will help me transition into the world of fashion better...:)
    Do it big hun!