Wednesday, August 15, 2012

According to Cramel: How To Get A Great Deal at a Boutique

Hello Boutique Freak! Hope all of you are doing fabulous! Today I want to give you guys the scoop on a great way to get great deals at boutiques. Now I know when most people think about boutiques they think their expensive or overpriced. My answer to that is "You get what you pay for", and in most cases (not all) you are paying for a quality product and quality service when shopping at a boutique. But there is a way to get wonderful deals too and those are APPS! Yes I'm talking about apps that we download on our smartphones. Specifically I talking about SCOUTMOB, GROUPON, and LIVING SOCIAL. 

ScoutmobBig Boat

Join these site online or download these apps to your smart phone, personally I recommend downloading to a smartphone because you'll always have these deals on hand. You can also find out if there are any other deals in other place when your traveling! I'll give you an example, right now Scout Mob has a deal for you to shop at Lucky Exchange and get up to $25 off your purchase! GroupOn has a deal for paying $30 for $60 worth of merchandise at Crystyles Boutique and $25 for $50 at Moda 404! You never know what you will find, and after all even if you only by one piece isn't it entirely worth if it's 50% off! I think so! That's my word for today, happy shopping guys!

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