Thursday, August 9, 2012

According to Cramel: Where to Find the Best Boutiques

What's up Boutique Freaks! This week I'm teaching you guys how to shop, well not exactly. But I've gotten a lot of questions about where I find these great boutiques! I started to think about what all these interesting boutiques have in common: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! Most all the boutiques I've been into (and LOVED!) were in very trendy or unique parts of town. So I suggest looking for those off the beaten path or trendy neighborshoods. Now am I saying find the "hoodest" or most "gangster" parts of town, absolutely not! But if you know of a neighborhood that is in transition or developing you better believe a new great boutique may be in the works. For example in Atlanta a example of what I'm describing is the Castleberry Hills neighborhood. Lots of boutiques and restaurants have made their home here because they saw the potential in the development here. Like one of my favorites Adrene and also Fly Kix.

 Other great parts of town to look for great boutiques are those "subculture communities", at least that's what I call them. You know, those parts of town where certain people migrate too. A great example of this is the Little Five Points area of Atlanta. Little Five Points is known for being different and, dare I say it, weird! BUT, you can find some of the best boutique in Atlanta here, like The Clothing Warehouse, The Junkman's Daughter, or Wish Atlanta!

And Lastly, find the trendiest parts of town. In Atlanta that can be Midtown or if your in Chicago that can be Lincoln Park! Between these places I found My My My boutique in Midtown and Eclectic Chic, Shop 857, and CT212 in Lincoln Park.

Happy Shopping BFs!

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