Thursday, September 4, 2014

Things I Learned on the South Beach Diet

Hello everyone!

So I've been on a journey to become a better me lately. A lot has changed in the last couple months. In this particular blog I want to focus on my health. I've been a quest to lose weight. My doctor actually told about the South Beach Diet about a year ago. But when she told me what it entailed I say "Oh no!". Then a little earlier in this year the scale went in a scale that I'd never imagine. So desperate times caused for desperate measures. Here are seven things I learned while doing this diet (Ten sounded good when I started to write this post, but I ended up with seven lol!)

1. It Works.

South Beach claims to aid you in the loss of up to 10 pounds in the first two weeks of the diet. I can vouch for this. The most I’ve lost is 8 pounds in the first two weeks.

2. It’s Hard.

I’ll be the first and the last person to tell you that this diet is not easy. No you aren’t hungry all the time, but you are restricted to a particular group of foods. In order for the diet to be effective you must stick to it! I love cupcakes…and cupcakes just aren’t a part of the diet. The first two weeks both the most rewarding and the most difficult.

3. You get creative.

With the foods you are restricted to you definitely start thinking of ways to shake things up a bit, or mimick some of the meals you are use to eating. For example, I really like pasta, but you can’t have that. So I tried spaghetti squash, and it is divine!

4. Pinterest is your friend!

Pinterest became my best friend. There are other people that have done all the work for you and are willing to share their recipes, food lists, and tips for success. Tap into it.

5. Try not to cheat!

It you cheat on this diet it is very hard to go back. Believe me I know, this minute I convinced myself it was okay to cheat after my first time on the diet, I never quite got back on track. Unless your incredibly disciplined I don’t recommend you “give yourself a treat”. Beside you’ll welcome fresh fruit with open arms once you can have it again after the first two week.

6. You learn a lot about your body.

I really learned a lot about my body and really started to question it. When I thought I was hungry I questioned it. Was I really hungry or did I just want to eat. You’ll learn that there is definitely a difference.

7. Your weight loss progress depends a lot on your diet.

This could just be my opinion, but honestly if your are not at least trying to eat correctly your weight loss chances are slim. You cannot “out work” a bad diet. You’ll never become achieve your personal best body, it you don’t have a healthy diet.  My sister always says “These girls are all watching what they put in their hair, they need to be watching what they’re putting in their bodies”, she’s got a real point.

I hope this helps anyone that's on a weight loss journey!

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