Wednesday, July 25, 2012

According to Cramel: Why You Should Shop At Boutiques

Here I stand in the middle of H&M next to this fabulously styled mannequin wondering "Why am I shopping here?" Okay so I'm really not, I was just being silly. But I do want to share with you guys some things about why I feel like shopping in boutiques are great. Yes I do go to the mall....often. But I also visit and shop at a lot of boutiques (hence the name Boutique Freak) and I'd like to share my top 3 reason as to why I choose to shop at them.

Inside Eclectic Chique Boutique in Chicago

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the mall or mass retailer is just too much, ESPECIALLY WEEKENDS! I hate fighting through crowds and as big as some of my favorite retailers are (i.e. Forever 21 and H&M) they are also everyone else's favorite store too. So that's where a lot of people shop, which brings me to reason #2.

Inside Sherane's Vintage Closet Boutique
Have you ever been out and seen someone with something you own? Have you ever seen someone rocking your favorite piece? It happens to us all. But boutique shopping cuts down on the "Bitch Stole My Look" activity. Most of the time the owners or buyer for boutiques only buy a certain quantity of a piece and its usually very low. Some boutiques even offer one of kind pieces. The piece above was available at Sherane's Vintage Closet Boutique. One of the special things about Sherane's is that she usually has an in house seamstress that does custom alterations on site! How's that for exclusive?!

Inside CT212, Calvin Tran's boutique in Chicago!
To me shopping in most boutiques is like a curated experience. More often than not your going to get great customer service. I don't feel much like a customer, I feel more like a guests. The sales persons your talking to could very possibly be the owner of the store. Who doesn't want to have a personal relationship with the owner of the store your shopping at? No, you don't have to be a shopper at Nieman Marcus or Saks Fifth to get a great shopping experience (You definitely don't have to spend the dollars either)

That's all I have folks, agree? disagree? Let me know what you think! Comment below! Also if you'd like to learn more about the boutiques pictured above, check out my previous post below! 

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