Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shop 857

Well this was my last stop in good old Lincoln Park in Chicago, Shop 857. I was referred here by Monique Scott, owner of Eclectic Chic Boutique (look at my last post!). Three words to describe Shop 857 Lofty, Simple, and Panache! When I walked in, I immediately noticed how clean and organized it was. There was a certain precision to the flow of the boutique. I love this because sometimes you can go in boutiques and even though your in a small space, it somehow can still seem overwhelming. But not here, even though the environment seemed pristine it still managed to be an extremely inviting place to shop.

There were a lot of stand out pieces, two of my favorites were the black and white printed shorts and the gold knit or mesh sweater on the table, here's a closer look!
And look at the ways she merchandises her accessories!! They adorn this neat chalkboard, which also adorns a certain mega reality star's autograph! 
I did get the chance to meet the owner and she didn't disappoint. Her name is Kelli Jones and she was extremely nice! I don't exactly know how my sister and I get wrapped up in life conversations with strangers but we often do and the great thing about Kelli is that she didn't mind sharing at all! She offered my sister great advice on her ever pending dilemma on where she wants to live post graduation. So for some great retail therapy (LITERALLY) visit Shop 857 at 847 W. Armitage Ave Chicago, IL 60614, just off N. Halsted. Great clothes, great atmosphere, great service! Like Shop 857 and Boutique Freak on facebook!!


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  1. What a great post! Next time I am in Chicago, I am definitely making the trip. The store is beyond adorable and has so much style!