Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boutique Freaking Miami

There were some other pretty cool notables I visited in Miami while on South Beach that I feel like you guys need to know about.

Here is Star Image. Star Image is definitely the place to come if your looking to get the Jersey Shore look. Rhinestone ecrusted jeans, party dresses, "T-Shirt Time" worthy T-Shirts, and those sneakers that remind me of "red bottoms" for men are all things you can get from this place. My personal favorites are the collection of blingy rosary beads, crystal ball beaded bracelets and other accessories they had.




















Star Image is located on 851 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139, the customer service was pretty decent. I really liked the lady, wish I would have gotten her name. The next notable is a spot called Whats Up Skate Shop.

 I didn't attempt to take any picture in the shop as it looked like they were in the middle of stocking the store. I still thought the store was pretty nice and the merchandise they had was on point. It was mostly graphic tees. Funny story, my male friend has these graphic tees with these hot photos of women printed on them. I always wondered where he got them and discovered that Whats Up is one of the places you can find shirts like his, I saw two of his shirts in the store. If your into the cool, skate boy look or the college boy look, stop by Whats Up Skate Shop. Its located at 859 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Last notable boutique I have for you guys is Deco Collection located on 901 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL. Theres a good mix of men's and women's clothing. The thing that caught my eye were these "attention grabbing" shirts in the door. Parental discrestion is advised for the viewing of these shirts.



Well thats all folks! Its back to Atlanta for me for now! XOXO!

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