Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My My My: MY MY MY!!!

Hello Boutique Freaks! So this wasn't originally suppose to be my next post, BUT I had such an amazing time here I had to share it! My partner in crime and I were taking a leisurely stroll down Peachthree Street. We were headed CB2 (Crate & Barrel and lkea married each other and created CB2) and I saw this boutique and literally ran across the street. I was put on to My My My a little while ago by one of my friends. Shout out to Kudzi, follow him on twitter @SirGarde (He's one of the dopest people I know) I think he does work at a another boutique called Coposhi. Look for a future post on Coposhi as well! But back to the story. So I walk in and its like I walked into an enchanted world. Don't believe me? Look.
Enchanting right??! My My My! Atlanta marries vintage and modern apparel and accessories. I love it! And associates there are just as appealing as the boutique! All of them were soooo nice! They were also very informative and they made it a point to make sure my friend and I knew that all their prices were negotiable. Another really special thing about My My My are the accessories they have available. There is a line of what I like to call "Sparkly" Shoes there made by designer and Atlanta Native Erica Jones. There is also an AMAZING line of crystal jewelry and accessories by designer Princess Brandy. Princess Brandy's designs have been featured on episodes of VH1's Single Ladies. One particular piece I remembered that I saw in the display case at the shop was a silver and clear crystal clutch carried by Stacy Dash's character Valerie on the show ( I want to say it was the first episode). Some of the clothing at My My My was also used to dress the ladies of VH1's hit show Single Ladies. You can find My My My! Atlanta at 900 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA 30309. The store is open Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 7pm and Monday by appointment or "chance". I really feel love with this place and I'm sure you can find many one of a kind and get custom pieces here! Stop by and tell them Boutique Freak sent you :-)

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