Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Junkman's Daughter: In the midst of "junk", there is treasure :-)

Okay, don't be alarmed! I know some of you are like "Where are you taking us??" But have no fear, there is fabulosity here! I do have preferences but I also have an open mind. If you want to find one of a kind pieces you have to visit one of a kind places! Junkman's Daughter is definitely one of a kind. Self proclaimed as "Atlanta's Alternative Superstore", Junkman's Daughter definitely stands up to its name. You'll find all kinds of things here, everything from costumes, gag gifts, and some rather interesting home decor items. Aside from all that, there are also clothes, shoes, and accessories. And believe it or not, styled the right way, a lot of it is very cute! Look at these items I spotted.




















Not convinced? Well let me show you the real treasure at the Junkman's Daughter. Right after you pass this:

You go up the stairs and you will find yourself in somewhat of a shoe heaven (literally because its at the top of the store). If you want a unique, one of a kind shoe visit Junkman's Daughter. Be brave enough to walk in and you'll be glad you did because your probably walking out with something no one in your circle has. They also have a great selection of what I like to call "stripper" shoes, military boots, and other interesting footwear.

Junkman's Daughter was actually started by a real junkman's daughter. Her name is Pam Majors. Believe it or not she started this store back in 1982 with an accumulation of her own parents "junk". Majors store has attracted the likes of celebrities like Bono, Betsy Johnson, Usher, Lenny Kravitz, OutKast, Cee Lo Green and more! So dare yourself, in the name of FASHION, to visit the Junkman's Daughter! It located in Little Five Points of Atlanta. Exact address is 464 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA 30307. There is also another store in Athen, GA affectionately named the Junkman's Daughter's Brother. You may also visit the website for more info at .


(I forgot to mention I discovered after I got upstairs that I wasn't suppose to take pictures for fear of negative press on the internet. So Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I do this for my BOUTIQUE FREAKS!! Enjoy! XOXO!)

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